The Health Defender Martyr;
Dr. Mahdi Varigi, martyr Rahim Varigi's son, martyred for the Covid19 Virus and joined the health martyrs .
News ID: 386118    Publish Date : 2020/04/04

On the eve of Hussein Amlaki's Martyrdom;
There was a man beside martyr Amlaki who had not mask when the Bathi forces used chemical weapons, martyr Hussein Amlaki rejected his mask and put it on his face! This is the Hero! He lived like Imam Hussein (AS) and he taught us the lesson of "Issar".
News ID: 386110    Publish Date : 2020/03/29

On the eve of the Martyrs commemoration Day;
Representing the Leader of the Islamic Revolution and the Head of the foundation of martyrs and veteran affairs, Hoj. Sayyed Mohammad Ali Shahidi emphasized in a message: certainly commemoration of the great martyrs is a national duty, to keep their their memory in our mind forever.
News ID: 386107    Publish Date : 2020/03/16

News ID: 386101    Publish Date : 2020/03/04

Distinguished Iranian-Armenian composer and conductor Loris Tjeknavorian said Tuesday that Iranian people remember martyrs for good through homage and dedication.
News ID: 386099    Publish Date : 2020/03/01

He was present in the battlefields until the end of Iran-Iraq war. During this time he was injured for three times. Once he was injured in Ghalvizan battlefield..
News ID: 386096    Publish Date : 2020/02/23

News ID: 386084    Publish Date : 2020/02/03

Iran’s Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution (SCCR) announced plans to award international "World Sacrifice Prize" to veterans of the Resistance Front from all over the world in honor of Martyr Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani.
News ID: 386083    Publish Date : 2020/02/03

News ID: 386077    Publish Date : 2020/01/19

Navideshahed – The victims of the Ukrainian Boeing 737 plane, especially Iranian musician Roja Azadian, will be commemorated at a special program in the 35th Fajr Music Festival.
News ID: 386076    Publish Date : 2020/01/19

News ID: 386075    Publish Date : 2020/01/19

The Political Bureau Chief of the Palestinian resistance movement said the recent US assassination of Iranian commander General Qassem Soleimani demonstrated the criminal nature of the Washington government.
News ID: 386066    Publish Date : 2020/01/10

NAVIDESHAHED –Iran’s Dar-ol-Quran Organization held a memorial service for former IRGC Quds Force commander Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani who was martyred in a US drone strike in Iraq on Friday.
News ID: 386065    Publish Date : 2020/01/11

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei announced three days of public mourning on the martyrdom of the IRGC commander Qasem Soleimani.
News ID: 386060    Publish Date : 2020/01/03

Navideshahed: At one night when his father returned from the confectionery, he said: “I don’t like Mujtaba to go to the war at all.” Mir Mujtaba looked down and he slowly said: “If you don’t let me go to the war, from tomorrow I will go on hunger strike.”
News ID: 386047    Publish Date : 2019/12/16

News ID: 386044    Publish Date : 2019/12/16

People in Gaza have participated in the Great March of Return on the 84th Friday in several regions in the eastern part of the coastal enclave.
News ID: 386043    Publish Date : 2019/12/19

News ID: 386038    Publish Date : 2019/12/08

Ayatollah Khamenei among the family members of martyr Hojaji
News ID: 386032    Publish Date : 2019/12/01

I swear to my Lord, when I was hardly injured, the more I had pain I enjoyed it more because I feel that I would
News ID: 386025    Publish Date : 2019/11/24