2019/02/13 - 10:47
The United States imperialism has been part and parcel of this country from the access of Europeans to the land of Indians to the age of slavery and up to the independence and the current time.
2018/07/21 - 12:47
The best definition of “culture of martyrdom” is something which leads us to the spiritual manners who is God…
2018/05/13 - 11:02
God is the Great” …. “Islam Wins” … these were the last screams of “Sheykh Ragheb Harb”, the “Sheykh” [Leader and great man] of martyrs of the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon ...
2018/05/15 - 10:49
The lion of Panjeshir Valley" is the most beautiful" name for Ahmad Shah Masoud, the national hero of Afghanistan, in a way that his enemies named him like this before his friends did
2018/05/27 - 09:46
In 13th verse of Maedeh Surah, God remarks: “Lo Messenger!....when Bani Israel(the children of Israel) broke their promise, we cursed them and hardened their hearts...
The American imperialism has been part and parcel of this country from the access of Europeans to the land of Indians to the age of slavery and up to the independence and the current time.
2019/02/13 - 11:25
According to Epic and Resistance Group of Fars News Agency (Tavana Club), during the Sacred Defense Era, different classes of society with different skills and expertise would defend the lands of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
2018/12/23 - 09:43
Islamic revolution was not limited only to the territories inside Iran because of its intellectual and spiritual characteristic and due to sincerity and tact of its respectful leader...
2018/05/31 - 09:30
To Understand and know the most important issues of the contemporary history programs from the beginning of Imam’s revolution until the victory of Islamic Revolution it seems that
2018/05/08 - 14:52
Iran Islamic Revolution is a social phenomena that its dimensions should be evaluated to understand its reality and outstanding role of Imam and his followers and students
2017/06/11 - 10:08
The history of the world is full of evidence of America's misery to other countries, and historical evidence shows that the United States has no obligation to fulfill its obligations and does not see itself bound up to the covenant even with its allies....
2019/01/01 - 11:55
Now it is asked that the Islamic Defense System defend from itself?
2018/11/06 - 09:47
The present research will analyze the effects of martyr's photos as calligraphy , banner , billboard , poster etc to the public in city .
2018/11/06 - 10:01
The research which was prepared in 2004 with the title of the obstacles and factors of promoting the culture of martyrdom.
2018/11/06 - 09:57
According to the recent research , it is clear that there is an opposite relation between the ages of those who entered fore front and war impact , that is the younger entered to the fore front we feel the impact of the war more .
2018/11/06 - 09:53
Millions of pilgrims have gathered in Iraq's holy city of Karbala to mark Arbaeen, a sacred Shia Muslim ritual. Arbaeen, also known as Chehlum, commemorates the end of the 40-day mourning period after the killing of Imam Hussein, the Prophet Muhammad's...
2016/11/12 - 10:34
Occurrence of the Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1357 [February 1979] surprised experts of phenomenon of “Revolution”?, governments and intelligence organizations which did not predict such event. In 1353 [1978-1979], Central Intelligence Agency of America...
2016/11/01 - 15:37
After about 3 decades since the beginning of the imposed war and the creation of the early works of theater of the Sacred defense war and about twenty years after its end, it is possible to say after looking at the bulk of the works that have been produces...
2016/10/31 - 09:09
Paradox is the main element of dramatic works. And we need two powers opposite each other in order to form any play; the two powers that one of which intends to change the current situation and the other one intends to keep the current situation. Therefore,...
2016/10/30 - 09:48
Beyond the Back Door is a distressing explanation of the life of a soldier named Beckman who returns from Siberia to Germany after three years of captivity to find his wife and his children but in vain. He opens very door fir this goal but all of them...
2016/10/30 - 08:53