Martyr Hussain Lashgari was born in Qazvin on 1952. He really loved to be a pilot. Finally he was graduated on 1977. As he finished the training courses at the Islamic Revolution Air Forces in Dezful, Mashhad and Tabriz.
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The Iranian veteran memories at the Bathi camps;
At the first days of our captivity, we said our prayer at the back of the forefront with fear since we were under the pressure of the Bathi forces. They moved us from Basrah to Baghdad after a week.
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When Ibrahim Chafghani entered the forefront was a young man, he loved his mother very much
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It was 1988 that Islamic Revolution of Iran accepted the resolution 598. Iran never rejected the resolution from the first days of approving resolution and suggested some conditions through the negotiations with the Secretary-General of the United Nations.
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Some memories of martyr Hussain Lashgari had been written in the book 6410.
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German media report from the chemical attack of Saddam to Iran;
The crucial Bathi regime had used the chemical weapons on 1980 and killed many people during the chemical bombardment in Sardasht. The people are forgotten and the Saddam's crimes had no consequences for him.
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Martyrdom of The man who injected 50 morphine ampoules;
Haj Iskandar Moeini, the Iranian sacred defense veteran joined his friend's martyrs.
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An interview with martyr Ali Zakeri's friend in the sacred defense who was martyred some days ago.
We were in a group. We knew each other's ID card information. For example, I knew Mr. Zakeri's ID card and we could identify each other if needed. We were completely ready for martyrdom and had no fear from war.
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Martyr "Majid Ramezan" was born in Shahr e Rey in 1956. He went to Shalamcheh region at the 5th Karbala operation and finally martyred in the operation.
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The present article with the title of "searching in the black fiction of the sacred defense" is known as a famous assumption in the fiction of the war.
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Ahmad Keshvari was born in Firouzkooh (city in Tehran) in a religious family in 1953. They were from Boroujerd (city in Iran). His father whose name was Gholam Hussain was a military man so they were supposed to move from one city to another one.
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Subject Bank of Sacrifice and Martyrdom (87)
Before being captured by the Iraqi Baathist forces I had gone to the battlefields for several times. Once I decided to take my child who had just been born to the battlefields.
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Susangerd was called as the city of the lovers of martyrdom during the holy defense, the city was under the control of the Bathi forces.
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Subject Bank of Sacrifice and Martyrdom (89)
The flags were in the one side and the banners were in the other side. The black flags had been hanged to the trees and they indicated a sacrifice which had been considered as a myth in the history.
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Subject Bank of Sacrifice and Martyrdom (97)
Among the prisoners of war, there was a war prisoner who could speak Arabic so well. His name was Ashur. He was one of the old war prisoners, he was so fat, but he was so kind and he had a good behavior.
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Subject Bank of Sacrifice and Martyrdom
Uncle Shirazi during captivity era had a fantastic belief and he was a great worshipper of God among the prisoners of war. But he was one of the guys who would smoke cigarettes and a few time before the prisoners of war had noticed...
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Subject Bank of Sacrifice and Martyrdom
On a cold day, lieutenant Ehtiyat had stationed in Nusar battlefields. Since the Iraqi forces had opened heavy fires towards Iranian forces, the Iranian forces could not advance to another headquarters
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Subject Bank of Sacrifice and Martyrdom
The Iraqi prisoner of war colonel Mohammad Reza Jamshi who was captured during the military operation ‘Karbala 5’ which took place in Omol Rasas Island expressed a very strange memory about the Iranian war veterans...
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Subject Bank of Sacrifice and Martyrdom
Adnan the Iranian-born war veteran was one the brothers of Iraqi Moaved. He was a very kind guy with a good behavior. He had beautiful and influential eyes. In fact he was an Arab
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