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Publish Date: 12 April 2017 - 15:57

In commemoration of martyrs; Why we must praising martyrs?

Today more than anything else must insist on this irrefutable point that the names of martyrs is not only our main concern but also their path for us is the most important concern.

In commemoration of martyrs; Why we must praising martyrs?

Dedicated of NAVID SHAHED of Alborz, praising from heroes of a nation, especially those who haven’t any name and sign, which they in hard days scarified themselves beside disaster vents is a duty that paying attention to this it would consolidate human identity and promote virtues.

Why we are praising martyrs?

Perhaps this question raised several times in minds of our generation who weakness of cultural and propaganda institutes added more intellectual and cognitive gaps about past’ country’s problems in recent decades in their minds. This issue needs a logical and reasonable answer and is an important duty of cultural and social credits to erase this ambiguity and answer to the questioning generation.

We all aware that real praising from martyrs is hidden in following the path and ideals of martyrs.

Especially those martyrs who for realizing their divine ideals sacrifices their all attachments, worldly attractions and even their names till fly in the sky of salvation and freedom. Today, more than ever, must insist on this irrefutable truth that the name of martyrs shouldn’t be our main concerning but their way must be the most important concern. For the reason that the identity of martyr is not defined in their body and names but their identity effected in their path and a martyr when become forgotten then his/her way would become lose. Yes, we must think to this point that in era of competitions, challenges, names and titles someone go to the way of traceless and get away from their credits and physical identity and go through the divine path, and interrupted from earth till virtue of generosity do not become lost. Against some stereotypes, the great art of martyrs wasn’t neglecting to the world but it was not stopping in this mortal abode, and its reason is evaluable by their scarification and generosity for protecting from religion and territorial integrity.

Undoubtedly those who reach to high rank of "Death Awareness” are passed hard level of protecting the territory and geography and surface earthy motives and proved noble and basic ideals in their ideological frame. The great martyrs of Holy Defense were had progressive cultural, social, political and economic purposes. Accordingly, today the lively secret of their eternity is hidden in these ideals for following their path, and that is enough! Therefore, in ceremonies that held for memorizing the great martyrs we should attempt to utilize great purposes of these divine soldiers and erase all doubts. Accordingly holding funeral for martyrs is revocation of purpose and without any concept because the martyr is needless from funerals and needs followers. Today our attempt must be through exact identifying martyrs’ ideals and destroying obstacles that is through their way. Our economy, society, culture and all aspects must measure with martyrs ideals otherwise we are wasting our time and would lose everything.

There is no doubt that being away from reach culture of martyrdom and sacrifice in recent years, which today must express in valuable features and elements such as "selfless”, "honesty”, "sincerity” and "serving sincerely”, lead to ravages and problems for people and country; and this gradually would lead society’s taste to demanding world. In a way that the society would trap in a big gap despite all wonderful evaluations. Therefore in this situation performing to martyrs’ path must be the first priority for all of us in any position and situation and any action in individual and social fields should measure with martyrs’ principles.

Praising in Iranian culture is for those who were origins of good deeds and with evolutionary actions in social and political processes bring persistent achievements for humanity. In adventurous geographic history of this country many faces were found that in their life with thinking and attempting for promoting society took effective steps and became eternal. Turbulent political – social areas of Iran never forget libertarians such as Bqer Khan and Sattar Khan and reformists like Amir Kabir and Seyed Jamal who raised for xenophobia and developing. The most important event in Iran’s history in the past two hundred ago, and even in recent centuries, is Islamic Revolution that in its first steps encountered with an undesirable and unequal war. In a way that for the first time in the history in an evil community West and Arabs become accompany and Shah Hussein – the King of Jordan- was proud of his self that with Saddam Hussein – Iraq’s ousted and extinct president – shot the first bomb to Iran’s west borders! And later in Holy Defense French MIGs and Mirages and Saudi Arabia’s Oil revenues were became equipped against our soldiers and after war aids to Saddam became apparent.

The United Nation in a report pointed out to West Country’s aids to Iraq’s armaments programs and specified: "Iraq has got its armaments from 150 German’s companies, American and England. According to reports Iraq government got equipment in 1975 from 80 German’s company, 24 American’s company, about 12 English company and several Swiss, Japanese, French, Swedish, Belizean and Argentinian companies.”

Our nation raised in this situation for defending from their independent and religion will and our martyrs while were alone and oppressed fought with enemies of freedom. The epic of Holy Defense martyrs’ have several aspects, they not only protected their geographic territory but also defended historical width, dignity, independent and faith of a nation… and how? Three or four years ago in a celebration in Holy Defense week a 18th years youth asked this question from authors of this article.

What is Holy Defense? It was a hard question, I didn’t know in a short time how I must answer to a wide question? I also from hundred hundreds examples pointed out to two objective applicable from Holy Defense that was showing justice of a nation which was full of scarification and freedom and I said: "in an operation in a lurking, foot of one of soldiers went down in a main and if he screamed the operation would become failed, so he stuck his Kffiyeh in his mouth and he unfortunately become martyr.” While he was trying to stop falling his tears, I continue: "Holy Defense means standing against 1700 Tank with one weapon in Badr Operation!”

Martyrs reach to "Death Belief” and in this way they were among of "they are alive” and attended to the ceremony of the Lord! The world believed their "staying” and alas that we believe the staying of World! And this gap is our today’s pain!

Martyrs are observing us and they always come and their path never hesitate. And truly a person who give life to others mustn’t praise? And a person who we had our freedom and independent from their faith, have not have praising?

We learn praising from Hazrat Zahra (PUH) that in that hard situation went to Ohod and praised martyrs of that landmark war in Islam history. Yes! We learn admiring from Hazrat Zeinab (PUH), this appearance of patience and insistence, which in that day with a sorrowful heart came back to Karbala to fix her promise with her brother.

And today we are with Ali (PUH) when painfully addressed Seffeyn’s martyrs and said: "where are our brothers who go to the path of God? Good for them that they are there...

Everlasting the names and path of martyrs.

Gathered by: Mr. Hamid Reza Asqari Mouroudi; the reasercher of cultural issues.

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