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Publish Date: 06 March 2022 - 14:06

US-Saudi Aggression Provokes New Fuel, Gas Crisis in Free Zones as Military Option Failed

Two or three months ago, delegates from the so-called Quartet countries, America, Britain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, met to weigh the situation and events in Yemen.

According to Navid Shahed website, Keeping Yemen under the influence of the economic crisis and tightening the blockade to prevent entry of fuel and food obstruction for the largest possible time. In addition to other measures they intend to take that will double the deterioration of the economic situation, such as the deportation of a large number of Yemeni expatriates in Saudi Arabia.

Immediately after this meeting, the first step began, which is:

Creating the latest fuel crisis by stopping the sending of commercial oil that comes from the occupied areas in the south to the free zones, in addition to the continued detention of fuel ships authorized by the United Nations. In addition to that, the aggression also bargained with the Petroleum Company in Sana’a between allowing the entry of oil locomotives without the company purifying the polluted oil and setting an appropriate price for it, and allowing the price of 20 liters to be 24 thousand riyals (which locomotives are actually seized, not in Al-Jawf but in areas under Saudi-mercenaries control), or the crisis will continue and the noose will tighten further.

This step was accompanied by a huge media movement supporting it with the aim of inciting the people to power in Sana’a. So they fabricated a lie that the Petroleum Company was preventing the oil locomotives in Al-Jawf from entering Sana'a. They used an old video clip from Al-Sahat channel to confirm their story of a verbal altercation between Abdel Hafez Mujeeb and the former Petroleum Company spokesman Al-Shabati, who because of this intervention was changed and Essam Al-Mutawakel was appointed as a spokesman for the company nearly two years ago

They also fabricated an anonymous document submitted to the Leader of the Revolution Sayyed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi complaining that the Petroleum Company had caused the current crisis and that it prevented the entry of fuel into the free zones and sold it on the black market.  They absolved the aggression of any siege and detention of fuel ships and attributed all this to the Petroleum Company, even though the enemy himself admitted it. In this document, they used the language of the opponents of aggression who are keen on the interests of the homeland and the citizen.

The second step:

Issuance of a Security Council resolution banning the supply of weapons “to all Houthi members” to use this decision as a pretext to tighten the siege more than before, even though the criminal coalition, since the beginning of its aggression and siege, has not seized a single piece of weapon on board all the fuel or food ships that it detained and impounded. Also, this step was accompanied by a large media movement to intimidate the people inside.

The third step:

Creating a crisis in domestic gas and adding a new dose to the gas cylinder price, bringing the price of one cylinder to 6000 riyals. As in the previous two steps, this step was accompanied by a large media movement to incite the people to power in Sana'a and accuse it of raising the price of gas and restricting the citizen. However, the speed of the reaction of the concerned authorities by issuing a statement explaining the cause of raising the price of gas and attaching this explanation to a document of the gas company in the mercenary authority directed to raise the price of a domestic gas cylinder thwarted their plan.


Yemen’s hurricanes on the state of the Emirates and the legendary battle in Haradh confirmed the enemy’s conviction that the military option is impossible to succeed and that the best solution is to tighten the economic noose and tighten the siege more and more, accompanied by intense media work to ignite a revolution from within the incubating environment of the Army and Popular Committees. If the media does not succeed in convincing the inside that the authority in Sana’a is the cause of the crises and they do not achieve their goal, the siege will continue to be tightened, because the second option, in their view, is surrender and acquiescence if they fail to ignite a revolution from within.

Yet, their usual and repeated stupidity for seven years made them forget the third option that they tried at the hands of the army and the popular committees. They forgot the phrase of our leaders that “we will not die of starvation while we see the fuel of the world pass by us and we have in our hands what can destroy the sources of wealth of those who kill us and besiege us.”

Source: almasirah

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