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Publish Date: 08 March 2017 - 11:51
According to the foundation, Sadra Publication Institute in Moscow has cooperated to publish the research work.
The 400-book introduces Martyr Mutahhari, a great eminent figure and theoretician of the Islamic revolution in Iran, and investigates his political-philosophical thoughts as well as the influence of his theories in the revolution.

The work also discusses the religious thought of the martyr and his profound comprehension of Islam and Islamic tradition and stresses his awareness about the issues of the contemporary world and his efforts to provide answers to the questions of his time.

The author believes that Mutahhari was a role-model of an Islamist intellectual who not only had a comprehensive knowledge of religious tradition, but also was well aware of the issues and problems of his time and the contemporary world.

The political and intellectual aspects of Martyr Mutahhari’s life summarized in 200 pages makes the first part of the book.

The second part includes an analysis of the political thoughts of the martyr based on the theory of social perfection of human, his thoughts of political mysticism and Imam Hussein’s uprising.

The author of the work is an educated student of history who got his PhD degree at Kazan Federal University of Tatarstan.

"Martyr Mutahhari and His Role in Formation of The Ideology of The Islamic Revolution in Iran” was the title of his PhD thesis which has been published by the foundation.

He plans to make more researches on the thoughts of other influential figures of the Islamic revolution who played key roles in the victory of the revolution and publish a comprehensive collection.

He has so far translated more than 20 works of Iranian scholars, published by the foundation, into Russian.

"Story of The Thruthful” by Martyr Mutahhari, "Investigation of Educational Issues of the Youth in Hadiths” by Muhammad Ali Haji Dehabadi and Seyyed Ali Husseini Zadeh and "Imam Hussein’s Movement and Karbala Uprising” by Gholamhussein Zargari, are some of the books he has translated into the Russian language.

20 works of Martyr Mutahhari, including "Hijab, Quran in Islam, Woman’s Rights in Islam, The Perfect Human, Mutual Services of Islam and Iran, Imam Ali’s (AS) Attraction and Repulsion,etc”, have been published in Russian by the foundation.

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