It was 2009 when Samir Qantar participated at the political prisoners congress before the Islamic Revolution, we made a short interview with him.
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in the first place, it seemed that the confrontation was going on largely in favor of Israel. This was mainly because other Arab countries and Palestinian resistance groups were not able to confront major powers without the help of Egypt at that time
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In 1992, the martyr became the commander of Hezbollah central military unit and started forming military formations and developing plans.
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Hassan Nasrallah is the third and current Secretary General of the Lebanese political and paramilitary party Hezbollah since his predecessor, Abbas al-Musawi, was assassinated by the Israel Defense Forces in February 1992.
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Ragheb Harb was a Lebanese resistance leader and Muslim cleric. He was born in Jibchit in 1952, a village in the Jabal Amel region of Southern Lebanon. Harb was an imam and led the regional Shiite resistance against Israeli occupation until being assassinated by Israelis on 16 February 1984.
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Ahmad Qasir was the starter of the very important "self-martyrdom operations" which led the Zionist regime into the failure in 2000 and also helped Hizbollah to win the 33 days war in Qaza.
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Imam Musa al Sadr in the Thought of Martyrdom;
Here is an article with title of "Martyrdom, the evolution roaring fountain" which describes Imam Musa al Sadr's thoughts about the Ashura Uprising.
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The first memorial ceremony of martyr Hadi Nasrallah, Sayyed Hassan Nasarallah's son held with presence of Nasrallah family after 22 years.
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Musa al-Sadr is a Lebanese-Iranian philosopher and Shi'a religious leader from a long line of distinguished clerics tracing their ancestry back to Jabal Amel. Born in the Chaharmardan neighborhood of Qom, Iran, he underwent both seminary and secular studies in Iran.
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Imad Mughniyah who was known as Haj Rezvan was one of the top commanders of Hizbollah. He participated in many anti Zionist operations and played a key role in the region.
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Resistance was the ultimate goal of the martyr "Sayyed" with the pious cloak, and the divine message under the banner of struggle. Sayyed Abbas considered the resistance a necessity to liberate the land and its people from the tyrannical jaws of "Israel".
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