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Unsaid words of the first Talabe martyr of Shrine Defender in Fars State

Special interview of NAVID SHAHED of FARS: one year passed from martyrdom of the Talabe martyr Muhammad Masrour who his blood not only colored the soil of Syria but also the eyes of his mother, his wife and lovers of Imam Hussein (a.s).
Unsaid words of the first Talabe martyr of Shrine Defender in Fars State

Special interview of NAVID SHAHED of FARS: Special interview of NAVID SHAHED of FARS: one year passed from martyrdom of the Talabe martyr Muhammad Masrour who his blood not only colored the soil of Syria but also the eyes of his mother, his wife and lovers of Imam Hussein (a.s).

Martyr Masrour select an inflamed path but beautiful for departing from the earth and becoming eternal, today after one year his presence is still felt. He was a lover and burnt in the path of his beloved and became a guidance light. Whatever he done as a cultural activities was raised from his soul to become heard in the ears of history and awake asleep people.

With reason of his martyrdom’s anniversary we spoke with his brother, Hussein Masrour, to understand a bit of his love.

Firstly, we want from martyr’s brother to narrate briefly about Muhammad’s biography:

Martyr Muhammad Masrour was born in Farvardin of 1366 in Kazeroon. He was grew in a religious family. He in his childhood become familiar with mosque and religious activities and most of his time was spend in Molla Barat’s mosque and he attended in classes of this mosque. After his primary course, our house transfer to another neighborhood and Muhammad continued his activities in Haj Reza’s mosque (Thar Allah’s base) and in this Basij’s base received military trainings.

After a while he was familiar with Karevan Rahiyan Noor and attended in war regions and he was interested to work in these fields. Moreover, he signed up as "servant of martyrs” and in the last ten years we never saw Muhammad in Nouruz’s days because he before Nouroz went to war regions and until 13th of Nouroz he was in there. After Nouroz also he was in Mashhad or Qom or Imam Khomeini’s shrine and always he was present in religious and spiritual environments.

In 1385 he attended to military service and despite all his activities in Sepah he became soldier of Army. He continued his cultural activities in there and became responsible for staff prayer.

After his military service he went to Houze of Kazeroon and worked in library of Houze and after two years he interested to become a Talabe and about seven years he studied in Kazeroon’s Houze and studied in 7th grade of Houze.

Muhammad in date of 6th of Shahrivar of 1394 married and only after 6 month after his marriage become martyrdom. 45 days of this 6th month he was in Syria and 10 days in war regions and also attended in Arbaeen’s walking for 10 days and his love to martyrs didn’t become low. Muhammad in 16th of Bahman in Ratiyan’s region become martyrdom while was whispering the name of Imam Hussein (a.s).

What was martyr’s behavior with you and your family?

Muhammad was very calm and solemn and always act with placidity and respect our parents a lot although he wasn’t mostly at home. He had especial respect to all martyr’s parents such as father of martyrs Khosravi who took him to congregational prayer or to Behesht e Zahra (a.s) and if they have any request he accept it. He spoke less and he wasn’t hypocritical. The family wasn’t aware of his cultural and religious activities. He didn’t told anyone that he had night prayers and spent all nights in martyrs’ graves, later the family became aware of these kind of his activities. He had special interest on martyrs and most of the nights was in Behesht Zahra (a.s) in martyr’s part. He had special interest in martyr Avini and he was a model for his martyr uncle (Abdol Ahad Masrour).

What was his motivation for attending to Syria’s battle and fighting with Takfiri?

The martyr about 10 years ago had a dream that Imam Sajjad (a.s) came to his dream and he promised him to become martyr and this was found in martyr’s writings:

"This dream made me happy. I had this dream that Imam Sajjad (a.s) promised me martyrdom. I saw the face of Imam and he said: you become martyr. And I in all my life love this dream and I stay in this world with the hope of martyrdom and while I am writing this dream I am confident that I’m going to become martyr and I am waiting for it until with God’s deem I will join to martyrs. I always in my Sallah want from God to give me martyrdom and I don’t want any death except this.”

When father asked him the reason of his leaving he said that if I do not go, Takfiris would cut Kazeroon’s people’s head and I am confident that Jihad is necessary for me and I must defend from Islam and my land.

What was martyr Masrour’s view about Velayat Faqih?

Muhammad was very sensitive to Ayatollah Khamenei and always in his words and writings show his devotion to Velayat Faqiha and even in his will wrote that be standby of Velayat Faqih.

How the martyr went to Syria?

We never realized that he was going to military training for deploying until he spoke with father and he tried to dissuade him because he was married recently but he refused. I also didn’t know he was deployed while he was in Syria.

What was your mood after Muhammad deployed to Syria?

Of course we were worried especially my parents were so sad and my mother became sick and we tried to console her. When he became martyr we didn’t know how we must gave her this news. Even now, after one year, she is still upset and she is impatient.

What and where was your last visit with him?

Unfortunately the martyr didn’t tell anyone that he went to Syria however he told me that I am going to Tehran that I might publish the book of Avini’s Aphorism (he was collecting it), then he phoned and said I’m in airport and going to Syria.

How he become martyrdom?

We heard opposite words about Muhammad’s martyring but I asked from martyr’s fellow, which was from Khesht, and he said:

In 16th of Bahman of 1394 in Retyan region and after rescue operation of cities of Nabal and Al-Zahra, we became stuck behind a wall and the enemy was firing us. We must cross the road to reach to our levee. We decided that four of us distracted the enemy till others could reach to the levee. Muhammad with martyrs Askar Zamani and Taqavi handle this duty and all of them become martyr while whispering the name of Imam Hussein (a.s).

Say about martyr’s interests?

The martyr liked footstall and was a good goalkeeper and also he swam and went to mountaineering. In Houze, he had a room, which named "Martyr Section”, and collected martyr’s wills, works, writings and their interviews. He with getting help from Houze students’ typed these interviews and created website of "”. He spent his free times with martyrs. Every Thursday he accompany with his friends went to martyrs graves and wash their tomb and he said that I couldn’t bear tomorrow when their mothers are coming seat on dusts.

Reading Qur’an and Nahjolbalaqa and attending to Friday Prayer also was his interests.

What was his personal behaviors?

He was very confidants and taciturn. He was very practical and never said what was doing. His remarkable features was piety, doing Vajebat and avoiding from Moharamat, doing Mostahab affairs, forsaking the world, devotion, dignity and modesty, being series in his works and paying attention to Halal food.

Finally pleas narrate a memory from him:

Once Muhammad wanted to go to Karbala. My brother asked him: do have money for your trip? Muhammad was answered that God Willing money would become ready. And he got 80000 Tomans as a loan from Houze and went to Karbala.

In Shalamche he lost his friends and with a tractor went to Karbala and in the date of Arbaeen he arrived to Karbala and a few days later he decided to go to Najaf. While he was standing in the roadside a car came and asked him: where are you going? And Muhammad said: "Najaf”. The driver said: I am from Najaf and I will take to there. After they reach to Najaf, the driver insisting to take Muhammad to his home and he rest in there. After he rested, decided to go to the Shrine but the driver prevented him and said: you are Imam Hussein’s (a.s) guest and must eat dinner with me and sleep here and tomorrow go to the shrine. Muhammad accepted. The next morning, the host wanted from Muhammad that after pilgrimaging comeback to his house. When Muhammad returned to his house, the host gave him money with insisting for his journey and Muhammad returned home with that money and returned the money that took from Houze.” And this shows a person who has Ahlolbeit’s love, this love would help him.

And another memory from martyr’s fellow:

In Syria when we wanted from him to get two juice, he said: if you have extra juices give to Syrian family that have hungry child” and he in that dangerous situation took food for Syrian Family.

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