Tayyebe Vaezi Dehnavi was born in 1337 in one of the villages in Isfahan. He grew up in a religious poor family, and for this reason soon became acquainted with the suffering of oppressed people.
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Martyr Nosrat Zad in a courage action after saying about his will about his injuring place and his prison requested for firing.
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Khalid in the court was shouting “«انا خالد اسلامبولی، انا قاتل السادات، انا قاتل الفرعون، انا قاتل الطاغوت فی سبیل الله» Other accused also encouraged him with saying Allah Akbar.
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Bombing anniversary of Salmas
One day, Masume went to cemetery and in there said to her mother: “Dear mother here will be my grave, do not let anyone else bury in here.
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April 8, 1993 (Farvardin 20, 1372) is the day of Haj Sayyed Morteza Aviny's martyrdom. He was a skillful author, the narrator of Ravayat-e Fath the chief editor of Sura Magazine and the head of TV department of the artistic center.
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English and Urdu translations of eight books on biography of Iranian martyrs have been published by Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans Affairs in cooperation with Organization of Islamic Disseminations in Kashmir, India.
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He had come back for a furlough after the operation. There was a scar of a projectile on his arm that was getting better. It was a wonder if he had been wounded in the operation, his scar couldn’t have been healed than it is now.
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The greatest difficulty in becoming acquainted with great personalities is the multi-dimensional aspect of their lives, and talking about their lifetime achievements proves to be extremely difficult.
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Special interview of NAVID SHAHED of FARS: one year passed from martyrdom of the Talabe martyr Muhammad Masrour who his blood not only colored the soil of Syria but also the eyes of his mother, his wife and lovers of Imam Hussein (a.s).
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Philosopher, theologian, exegete of the Quran, Islamic MOTALEFE group member, theoretician of the Islamic republic of Iran
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We are looking forward to Hajj Ahmad Motovasselian’s return, God willing. Don’t call him a martyr; we have not been informed of his martyrdom. May God bestow His mercy and blessings upon your son, wherever and in whatever condition, he may be.
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Ayatollah Seyyed Abdul-Hussein Dastgheib was born to a cleric and educated family in Shiraz in 1909. His father Seyyed Mohammad Taqi was in Karbala when he was born and since his birthday was coincident with Ashura named him Abdul-Hussein.
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Azam Saberi Ghamsari was born on May 22, 1965 in Ghamsar city located near Kashan city. She got married with martyr Ghamsari in 1983. The result of their 9 years marriage is two children whose names are Reihaneh and Mahdi.
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Martyr Colonel Mohammad Jafar Nasr Esfahani was son of Taghi. He was born in 1960 in Manar Jonban neighborhood of Esfahan province. He went to school after ending his childhood.
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When you sit beside him you feel as if his breath stops for a moment there in his chest and then gets out slowly and with difficulty grinding his throat. Seeing all this makes us feel we are also falling short of breath.
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It is common with biography to be started from day, month and year of birth, but in order to introduce Sayed Mojtaba it is better to go back to the period before his birth
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