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Biography of Mohammad Ali JAHAN ARA

He was born in a poor but faithful family on 1954 in KHORAMSHAR city. Like other members of his family had great faith on innocent Imams. When Mohammad was 15, joined HEZBOLLAH group.
Biography of Mohammad Ali JAHAN ARAHe was born in a poor but faithful family on 1954 in KHORAMSHAR city. Like other members of his family had great faith on innocent Imams. When Mohammad was 15, joined HEZBOLLAH group. with members of said group, started a broad effort to overthrow the king`s regime.

Sacred defense
After victory of Iranian revolution in 1979, Mohammad started to safeguard the achievements of the revolution.
JAHAN ARA was one of the big men who played a crucial role in the formation of the Iranian revolutionary guards. At this position, he fought against inside and outside enemies. When he was appointed as chief of KHORAMSHAR guards, neutralized many conspiracies against Islamic system. Dedication and sacrifice of said martyr during the bloody battle, characterized his name and remind us the endurance and resistance in front of Basis.

He was at the battle fronts, especially in the hot trenches of ABADAN and KHORAMSHAR, crippling blows inflicted on offenders. Attempt, effort, perseverance, patience, persistence and more importantly his wise leadership, played a leading role in the victory over the invading enemy.
With the start of the war and mercenary regime of Saddam`s brutal aggression against the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander and his men showed great resistance. Continue presence in the front, made him a military thinker and planner. So being in the same position, he was appointed as AHWAZ GUARDS chief as well as head of revolutionary forces in eight section. Thus a new round of combat operations began, and martyr initiated the values and achievements of revolution, more than ever.

His sincerity and voluntary toward IMAM KHOMEINI was characterized. Therefore, because of this love, he was not feeling tired. He had a key role in mobilization of the armed forces against Iraqi army and hypocrites. Because in his opinion, the people who are standing in front of revolution and Imam are not acceptable.

His sister once said: martyr was quite man. But he was not forgetting those who stood against revolution. Self- purification, humility, and sincerity were his spiritual qualities. He always acted as if he sees God in all things clearly. He was not arrogant and never did show off at work. Even though he was in command of army, never felt superior to other fighters. Mohammad was man of virtue and piety.
His father said: martyr Mohammad was excellent in degree of humility and respected others. And attached to veterans with gentle and pleasant. Remembered God always. When he was talking about Imam, you could guess as he is sitting in front of him. He understood Imam of his time well.

Salute to martyrs of bloody city. Salute to Mohammad JAHAN ARA. When news of his martyrdom reached the ears of the people, every eye filled with tears. On October 1982, while he and other commanders were returning to Tehran, plane had a tragic accident, and our dears in Islam lost their valuable lives. In this event, Mohammad was with 4 major commanders like FALAHI, deputy chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. NAMJOU, the defense minister.

General FAKOURI and KOLAHDOUZ, deputy chief of revolutionary guard. After a lifetime of struggle, eventually died in a plane crash. Imam KHOMEINI about this accident said: these brave people who were dedicated servants of God in and after revolution, with courage served the homeland. There is no doubt that we have to go in this way.

SEYED HEDAYATULLAH said: when BANISADR was president, MOHAMMAD went to Imam and complained and said: this man is not giving us necessary facilities. Imam became angry and ordered him to hand over whatever Mohammad wants. After meeting, BANISADR quarreled with my son many times. But my son was not afraid of anyone.

Martyr JAHAN ARA fought in KHORAMSHAR with little equipment and few volunteers. It was very hard. Mohammad once said: some nights I saw the bodies of our dead soldiers in trenches and bunkers. But couldn’t help.
His wife said: we lived together for two years and two months. But he remained deeply in my thoughts. One of the last memories that relates to his character, he was not forgetting pray and feast. When I read his letters again, I see how this young man has been the spirit of subtle and profound. Spirit remained strong in the harsh environment of war.

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