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Publish Date: 13 December 2016 - 11:27
Oral memories of anonymous martyrs

Haj Ahmad Motevaseliyan and an especial agreement for fighting with Israel

All his body was signs of torturing. There were signs remained from Savak prisons. In year of 58 and from first days of Kurdestan’s conflicts he went to Marivan and he assumed its command.

NAVID SHAHED: All his body was signs of torture. There were signs remained from Savak prisons. In year of 58 and from first days of Kordestan’s conflicts he went to Marivan and he assumed its command.

he was careful commander, brave, strict and hardworking. When war started, he made strong obstacle through enemies in that region.

He came to south country in month of Dey in 1360. He established wing of Muhammad Rasullolah (e.s) in Dokuhe. Heroic Haj Ahmad’s soldiers were remarkable.

He did something in Fatholmobin and Beitolmoqades’s operations that world’s war experts became surprised. He freed Khoramshahr that became an impenetrable fortress.

Soldiers were like him. He always said: I am your elder brother in war, and your younger brother in the rear! So, he divided headquarters’ duties among soldiers.

One day of week was his duty for cleaning the headquarter, includes washing the dishes to cleaning the restrooms and …

A Basij member recently came to battle. He held the weapon incorrectly. Haj Ahmad while was crossing from him said: who is your commander?! Why he didn’t learn you how to took a gun. That youth who didn’t know Haji answered: what do you do with my commander? My commander is Haj Ahmad Motevaeliyan. If he were here, he would answer you that you couldn’t say nonsense. Haj Ahmad apologized and left. After two days, in morning ritual in Dokuhe announced that the commander of army Haj Ahmad Motevaseliyan is going to speak. The teenage soldier was meddling to see the army’s commander for the first time. Suddenly his eyes became round. Then he said with himself: Oops! I spoke with who in that way? May he punish me?

But Haji wasn’t such a person. He always said: we must be strict in learning and harmony of soldiers that we could get better result in operation.

It was the peak period of Monafeq’s terrors. Every day heard news about people’s martyrdom in different cities. In Tehran, we went to region 10 headquarter of Sepah.

It was decided from there we go to a headquarters of Sepah with a trophy Iraqi car. The car glasses were broken. Moving with that was dangerous. I said to Haji: this car is not secure. Monafeqs might throw grenades inside car in a crossroad or in the way. Haj Ahmad smiled and said: before revolution Savak couldn’t do anything with us. With God’s mercy unrevolutionary powers couldn’t defeat us in Marivan. Monafeqs also couldn’t reach to their points. If something going happen to me, would be in Israel battles!!

This word of Haj Ahmad was in a time that wasn’t any talks about sending Iranian soldiers to Syria and Lebanon.

Haj Ahmad was the myth of our Holy Defense and one of our most elite military commanders. In year of 61 he went to Syria and Lebanon.

The joseph of Islam’s army was lost in the land of Kan’an for years. Hoping for a day that hear news from him.

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