Martyr Babaei was a first lieutenant in the early years after the revolution. In the course of 3 years, he became a colonel and was appointed the chief commander of his base in Isfahan; that is he was promoted from a first lieutenant to Brigade General.
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The criminal and bloodthirsty Zionists must know that the holy blood of martyrs like Imad Mughniyah create hundreds of other Mughniyahs, and this doubles the power of resistance against oppression, corruption and insurgency
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The mother of a POW came up to me and said: "I have received news that my son, who had been taken captive, is now martyred.
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Martyr Seyyed Mojtaba Navab Safavi was born in Tehran in 1924 and left for Abadan after accomplishing his primary school. Then he departed for Najaf to continue his studies at the presence of the grand teachers of Najaf Seminary.
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With reports of NAVID SHAHED captain Mojtaba (Shahryar) Yadollahi, the young and brave ranger of Islamic Republic of Iran Army, was borne in 31th Farvardin of 1370 in Shahriyar (Tehran province) and in the evening of 21th of Farvardin 1395 in a hard battle in Aleppo’s countryside became martyr while he was commander of a group of 40 fighting martyrdom-seeking and they were fighting against terrorists of Isis.
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In the year 1333 AD the city mentioned was born in a religious family and faithful. In childhood, his mother - who was the believing woman - lost.
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It behooves me to make a few comments about Shahid (Martyr) Mustafa Chamran during this meeting. First of all, Mustafa Chamran was an outstanding and talented person, in addition to being a scientist.
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Life and combats in the words of the father (birth 1329) The strange martyrdom from the lips of his mother Eng. Tondguyan from the lips of his wife Specialties of character Memory from the martyr, from a freed prisoner of war The loneliest man of the years of war
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Oral memories of anonymous martyrs
All his body was signs of torturing. There were signs remained from Savak prisons. In year of 58 and from first days of Kurdestan’s conflicts he went to Marivan and he assumed its command.
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It is common with biography to be started from day, month and year of birth, but in order to introduce Sayed Mojtaba it is better to go back to the period before his birth
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