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Publish Date: 30 December 2008 - 08:07
War like other events such as earthquakes, flood, discrimination and contagious illness, sickness, poverty and feminine have many effects on peoples’ life.
We do not have more news about old wars but according to news about war of third century, war has two aspects. One aspect if defense is defense and the other one is attack.
In during first aspect (means defense) people according to their relation with government and according to their abilities try to defense along with soldiers. Immigration, unemployment, feminine, sick, non-security and crimes are conclusions of war.
Children and women must bear pressure and fear of war but we can see more negative effects on children. They are weak and they improve after many years.
There are authors who try to create works which gives a correct insight to experienced children until they protect their hope in during difficult conditions of war.
These authors try to help children to have a correct analysis about war. They try to teach children to make proportion between their selves and bad conditions of war. We have some good and interesting works about war, but children maybe never see the war but they can use these writings for being ready.
By reading these books, they can have sympathy feeling children who are involved in war.
Epic angle of soldiers and heroes can be a good factor to support children’s patriotically because they are future soldiers of our country but it is true when these writings and works are suitable that being along with children’s fine mentality and their experience.
Authors avoid from rudeness and fear and acrimonious events which are not suitable for children.
Iran forced war is war between right and vain for our people.
Public mobilization that is very spread and unparallel.
Victory of people in Lebanon against Israel is a war between right and vain.
This culture (defense culture) must be right in literature of children’s stability and that of our people against USA depended on people’s presence.
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