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Publish Date: 02 March 2008 - 08:56
Degree : Clinical Psychology
Supervisor : Mehrdad Pejhman

One of the important factors that cause people to feel content about themselves and to be serious in his affairs is self _ respect (most of the negative emotional reactions are related to depression). Loss of father is meaningfully correlated with the amount of social problems and depression of the shahed students. Therefore the present research is intended to identify the problems of the shahed youths. The research methodology is causative _ comparative i. e. post occurrence.
The population of the research includes all the female high school students of Gorgan who were busy studying in 2000 _ 2001. The sample group of the research is composed of the 60 high school female students (30 female shahed students and 30 female non _ shahed students) studying at the shahed and non _ shahed schools; they have been chosen categorically and at random.
In this research the tests that were used are: self _ respect test of Cooper _ Smith and Beck’s Test for the assessment of depression.
The results of the research show that:
1.There was not meaningful difference between shahed and non _ shahed students from the view points of depression.
2.There was meaningful difference between shahed and non _ shahed students from the point of view of self _ respect.
3.The grades of the shahed group were higher in comparison to those of the control group (non _ shahed group) on the scales of emotional responses, illness, death and social problems.
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