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Publish Date: 02 March 2008 - 08:53
Degree : Sociology
Supervisor : Mohsen Tabrizi

The present research is intended to investigate the educational level of the shahed students in High School and Secondary Schools, effective social factors on the fall and leaving school of the shahed children and to see how well the shahed students are content with the shahed schools.
The population of the research is composed shahed high school and secondary school students and the teachers of the shahed schools of Arak in 1997 _ 1998 from among whom the researcher has chosen 320 persons on the basis of Survey Method and by the use of questionnaire. In order to analyze the data collected the T _ Test and the X² test were used.
The results of the research showed that there is meaningful relationship between factors such as the level of the income of the family, literacy level of parents, number of the mothers’ reference to the schools, lack of Martyrs’ Foundation’s serious presence in the shahed schools and educational fall of the shahed children.
From the results of the research it can be said that there is meaningful difference between the shahed group and the non _ shahed one in feeling about failure in life that this one element is more observed among the shahed students who have failed in their education.
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