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Publish Date: 02 March 2008 - 08:49
Degree : Education and Training Sciences
Supervisor : Vali Allah Farzad

The importance of conducting research on the issues of the children who are bereft of their father and still more importantly re _ identifying the fake issues and dreams about these children in our society is something obvious. The present research is intended to survey and compare educational progress of the male and female shahed and non _ shahed children.
The research is descriptive and the methodology of the research is causative _ comparative (post occurrence) and the research population is composed of all the male and female shahed secondary school students of Boroojerd in 1994 _ 1995 from among whom the researcher has chosen 175 persons of the shahed students and 60persons who have step _ father (30 male and 30 female) at random. The means of the research was progressive matrices of Rion (SPM). In order to analyze the data collected the t test for the averages of the two independent groups was used.
The results of the research indicate that:
1.There is meaningful difference between male shahed students who have step fathers and female shahed students who have step fathers.
2.There is not meaningful difference between educational progress of the shahed students (male and female) who have step fathers and those who do not have step fathers.
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