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Publish Date: 02 March 2008 - 08:43
Degree : Business Management
Supervisor : Mohammad Haghighi

Nowadays making the humanity resources in general and additional education specifically better is one of the main levers in order to increase the capabilities of the staffs and as a result increasing their effectiveness. The present research is intended to answer the following questions: Has the education the staffs took part been useful at all? How much was the effectiveness of that education? Was the educational system of the foundation defective from the points of view of planning, performance, and assessment? What are the defects? The research methodology is field study and the method used is causative; and the research community includes all staffs in general and particularly the educated staffs of the Islamic Republic Foundation of Martyrs and Veteran’s Affairs. In order to gather information questionnaire and interview were used. The statistical methods used, in order to analyze the data collected, are descriptive statistics and deductive statistics (X² test). The results indicate that:
1.The educational periods for the managers have not proved useful in the output of their performance.
2.Additional education has been useful in increasing the effectiveness of the managers.
3.The results of the observation on the educational system of the foundation of the Martyrs indicate this system has been weak in planning and assessment yet it was to somehow successful in conducting the period.
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