News ID: 96428
Publish Date: 02 March 2008 - 07:34
Degree : Social Sciences
Supervisor : Mahdiani

The present research is aimed at investigating effective elements on the educational progress of the shahed students.
The methodology of the research is causative _ comparative and the research community includes all the shahed and non _ shahed female students studying in shahed schools in region 2 of Tehran. The samples chosen from among the community is composed of 100 persons including shahed and non _ shahed students. The samples were chosen categorically and at random. The means of gathering information is questionnaire.
The results indicate that there is meaningful difference between effective factors (impact of bereavement from father, the kind of behavior of mothers and the kind of teachers’ behavior) and educational progress of the shahed children. Comparing educational progress of the shahed and non shahed students makes it clarify that the average of the shahed students in the examinations that are held in 1 / 3 and 2 / 3 of the year is 16. 35 and that of the non _ shahed students is 18. 2. In the idea of the researcher this difference is related to somehow to the existing regulations in accepting non _ shahed students in shahed schools.
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