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Publish Date: 02 March 2008 - 07:31
Degree : Counseling
Supervisor : Abd Allah Shafi Abadi

The present research is intended to investigate the relationship of self _ respect and bereavement of father among shahed and non _ shahed male and female children on one side and to compare them with the non _ shahed students on the other. All in all this research is investigating and identifying personality characteristics of the above people so that educational activities and medical cares are performed and present the teachers and parents and those who are responsible for training with necessary guides.
The methodology of the research is causative _ comparative and the research community includes all the shahed students at grade 1, 2 and 3 of secondary school of Shahed (male and female schools) of Gorgan and Gonbad Kavoos in 1995 _ 1996, all of whom have been investigated. The means of gathering information is the self _ respect test of Pears _ Harris. The data collected were analyzed by the use of single way variance and T _ Test.
The results indicate that:
1.There are differences between the two groups of shahed and non _ shahed in all the three stages from the point of view of self. Also gender is not effective on the degree of self _ sufficiency. But according to the findings of the more careful investigation there were differences about the concept of the self in different dimensions of behavior, intellectual capacity, school status, stress, physical characteristics, and social acceptability.
2.There is meaningful difference between male shahed children and non _ shahed male students from the point of view of self _ respect.
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