News ID: 96425
Publish Date: 02 March 2008 - 07:29
Degree : Educational Planning
Supervisor : Mohammad Salehi

The present research is aimed at investigating the educational progress of the female and male shahed secondary schools of Sari. The main queries of the research are: Do the shahed students have the same educational progress as the non _ shahed students do? How did the educational progress of the shahed children change by establishing shahed schools? Has lack of father been effective on the educational progress of the shahed children?
The methodology of the research is causative _ comparative and the research community includes all the female shahed secondary school students of Sari. The sample of the study is composed of 160 persons whom the researcher has chosen at random. The data collected were analyzed by the use of descriptive statistics _ averages, variance, standard deviation, and deductive statistics_ T _ Test.
The results of the research show that there is not meaningful difference between the educational progress of the shahed and non _ shahed students.
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