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Publish Date: 02 March 2008 - 07:01
Degree : Training Sciences
Supervisor : Mostafa Azkia

The present research is aimed at investigating the reasons of educational fall of the shahed students. The methodology of the research is applicable. The population of the research is includes all the shahed students of Amir Kabir University of Tehran. The researcher has investigated all the shahed students studying in 1985 _ 1986. The means for collecting data is questionnaire. In order to analyze the data collected Pearson’s correlation coefficient was used. According to the findings of the research the following elements have been observed as effective on the educational failure of the shahed students:
1.Economical Problems such as: high price of books, lack of dormitory, occupational status of this group of the students, accommodation situations, the expenses of the transportation and …
2.Educational Problems while studying such as difficulty of the field of study, the way that some of the teachers teach, and lack of educational material.
3.Spiritual, physical, familial, diffidence problems, lack of self respect and anxiety about the future of their occupation.
4.Lack of awareness about the educational laws and the correct ways of taking those credits.
5.Since this group look at the current issues in society from a different perspective, therefore their participation in the cultural and social issues which they think as necessary cause their educational failure.
6.Weakness of the educational status due to their participation in the war fronts and having interim between getting diploma and entering university.
7.Lack of the problem solving classes according to the needs of the students.
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