News ID: 96410
Publish Date: 02 March 2008 - 06:55
Degree : Social Sciences
Supervisor : Ali Reza Shaian Far

The present research is aimed at investigating the effective elements on the aggression of the female shahed and non _ shahed secondary school students in regions 2 and 3 of Tehran from the point of view of the shahed students so that by being aware of these reasons, the necessary steps are taken to decrease them.
The methodology of the research is statistical. The population of the research is composed of all the teachers of secondary schools of Tehran in regions 2 and 3 both in shahed and non _ shahed schools in 2002 _ 2003 from among whom the researcher has chosen 100 teachers at random. In order to gather information questionnaire was used.
The results indicate that seeing violent scenes in the families, schools and society, not caring and existence of bias, lack of respect for the children and the youths on the part of parents and teachers, having not achieved at ones ideals and interests, severe physical punishments by parents are among the effective elements on the aggression of the students.
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