News ID: 96116
Publish Date: 27 February 2008 - 11:52
Degree : Social Sciences
Supervisor : Mohammad Zahedi Asl

The subject if the research is to investigate the degree of political awareness of the students. The research is of statistical kind. The population under study is composed of all the students in the University of Shahed who have registered in the first semester of 1997 _ 1998 in different colleges of the university. 250 persons were chosen at random as sample. The means of research is questionnaire. The means of research is questionnaire and in order to analyze the data collected descriptive and seductive statistics including F and T tests were sued.
The highest degree of frequency in political awareness of the students is meaningful and according to the F test it can be said with % 95 accuracy that the difference between among freshman, sophomore and junior and as well as senior students is not meaningful from the point of view of political awareness; that means that the freshman students and the senior students have the same degree of political awareness. That means that there is not a meaningful difference among the students of different faculties from the point of view of the average of political awareness.
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