News ID: 96112
Publish Date: 27 February 2008 - 11:50
Degree : Clinical Psychology
Supervisor : Abbas Ali Allahiari

The present research is aimed at studying the relationship of self respect with educational progress and social protection and their effect on the educational progress of the male and female shahed students. The research methodology is of post occurrence kind. The community of research includes all the male and female students of shahed secondary schools in Barkhar and Meimeh in Isfahan Province in 1994 _ 1995.
Sampling is conducted categorically and they were chosen at school at random. The research methodology in this research is correlation coefficient of Pearson and Student T _Test. In order to gather information two questionnaires of self _ respect and Educational progress and social protection.
The results of analyzing the data collected show that there is not only no meaning relation between self _ respect and educational progress but also the relationship between them is negative correlative. There is not also a meaningful relationship between social protection and self _ respect. Between social protection and educational progress is there a meaningful relationship and this indicates the importance of the social protection in comparison to the self _ respect in their effect on the educational progress. There was not a meaningful difference between male and female shahed students in self _ respect, social protection, and educational progress.
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