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Publish Date: 27 February 2008 - 11:43
Degree : Educational Management
Supervisor : Ghasem Edalati Majd

The present research is aimed at using the points of view of the students and identifying effective elements on their educational progress in order to make education and training better as well as to make planning better. The research methodology is descriptive and the community of research is composed of the female students at stage three in secondary schools of Mashhad, the number of whom is 250 persons studying in 1998 _ 1999 among whom the researcher has chosen 128 persons simply. The selection was made on the basis of average and those students were chosen whose averages were 15 and more than 15. The means of research is questionnaire.
The results show that:
1.The shahed students feel more self _ respect and have more motivation and diligence to study.
2.Holding extra educational classes were very effective in the progress of the shahed students in education.
3.Shahed students think that the educational planning of the shahed schools is very effective in their progress.
4.Shahed students think that the economical conditions, welfare facilities, occupation of parents and income of the family are effective on their educational success; they are now satisfied with the facilities of their homes.
5.Children believe that that the literacy levels of their parents are effective on their educational success.
6.Shahed children believe that emotional relationship among parents and children as well as management of the schools effective on their educational success.
7.Shahed children believe that the existence of the educational facilities, guide books, laboratory activities and workshops as well as capable managements, are effective on their educational success.
8.Shahed children believe that the existence experienced teachers who are aware of techniques of teaching and good and intimate relationship of the teachers with the students, are effective on the success the students in education.
9.After getting the ideas of the students, it can be concluded from all the data that the psychological factors with the highest frequency are highly effective on their educational progress.
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