News ID: 95997
Publish Date: 27 February 2008 - 06:41
Degree : Clinical Psychology
Supervisor : Bahram Ali Ghanbari Hashem Abadi

Death of father for all of the family members and especially children is a phenomenon that can not be compensated for by any thing. This happening is worse when it happens at the age of puberty and this may cause some behavioral problems and psychological disorders. Therefore the present research is intended to investigate stress and self respect among the female shahed high school students of Kashmar; it also focuses on the effective elements on it. The community of research is a group of shahed high school students among whom the researcher has chosen 50 persons as sample. The means of research were two tests:
1.Cooper _ Smith’s self _ respect test
2.Spill _ Berger Stress Questionnaire.

Testing the hypothesis of the research showed that there is meaningful difference between shahed and non _ shahed students from the point of view of average of stress and self _ respect. The results of the research also showed that the average of self _ respect among the stressed people is less than that of the normal people.
In addition to these findings the hypothesis of unrelated findings indicates that:
1.In all of the people investigated in this research (with high or low degrees of stress) an emotional problem has caused a kind of worry and stress among shahed students.
2.Lack of relationship with the families and relatives of father and existence of struggle has caused a kind of worry and stress among shahed students.
3.There are some issues in their lives that has caused worry and stress such as fear of the future, worried because of the lack of father, fear of losing their mothers, worry due to changes in society’s values; these problems can be solved by holding counseling sessions.
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