News ID: 95984
Publish Date: 27 February 2008 - 06:28
Degree : Clinical Psychology
Supervisor : Mohammad Taghi Delkhamoush

Different researches have confirmed the impact of losing one’s father on emotional disorders, behavioral incompatibility and psychological disorders. The present research is intended to investigate the difference between shahed and non _ shahed students from this perspective (losing one’s father) and by the use of Gold Berg’s General Health Questionnaire (G. H. Q.).
The community of research includes all the third grade students and freshmen at Shahed Secondary and High schools in 2000 _ 2001 from among whom the researcher has chosen 272 persons at random as the research samples. In order to analyze the data collected the T _ Test was used for both the shahed and non _ shahed groups separately.
The results indicate that there is meaningful difference between both groups in all the elements of general health; this means that the shahed students are at a lower status in all the influential elements of general health in comparison to the non _ shahed students.
In other words losing mother or father for girls and boys respectively causes tribulation in the process of self _ identification; it causes insecurity and this leads to insufficient social reactions.
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