News ID: 95761
Publish Date: 26 February 2008 - 08:19
Degree : Clinical Psychology
Supervisor : Kianoosh Hashemian

One of the very important issues, which has become visible after the forced war is the issue of the widows of the martyrs. Many of them have lost their spiritual capabilities due to the emotional shock of resulted from the deaths of their husbands.
The researcher is intended to answer the following queries: Have the psychosomatic physical signs among shahed widows who are intended to remarry been visible after martyrdom of their husbands to the time they referred to the office? And if the psychosomatic physical signs which are, according to the psychology books, prevalent among those who lost their husbands is also viable with regard to the shahed widows, too?
The community of research includes two groups of women in Tehran, the number of whom is 112 persons, who have referred to the department of helping shahed widows located in the Martyrs’ Foundation. The means of measurement is questionnaire. In order to analyze the data collected the T _ Test was used.
With having a glance at the table of the results it can be concluded that the testing group and the witness group have no meaningful difference from the point of view of psychosomatic physical signs except in one case. That case refers to the question of Asthma: it was clarified that the testing group (shahed widows who are intended to remarry) are more exposed to asthma. In other cases there was no difference observed and this can be due to two main reasons:
1.Religious beliefs and ideas
2.Economical, cultural, and social security
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