News ID: 95760
Publish Date: 26 February 2008 - 08:16
Degree : General Psychology
Supervisor : Abu Al Ghasem Noori

In order to investigate the subject of the research the pre test plan and post test plan on the control group were used. The research community is comprised of male and female shahed students studying at high schools of Shahin Shahr in 2000 _ 2001. By simple random 100 students (50 male and 50 female students) were chosen as the sample group. The means of the research includes three questionnaires: Demographic, Rotter Control Source, Herman’s Advancement Motivation and an incentive program. The data collected were analyzed by the use of statistical analysis of Manowa. The results indicate that the incentive education had positive and meaningful impact on increasing the degrees of control source and the grades of the students in advancement motivation.
The results also indicate that incentive education had not meaningful impact on the educational performance of the group tested in comparison to the control group.
Stage, literacy level of the protector, and the occupation of the protector have not meaningful relation with the source of control, advancement motivation and educational performance of the test takers. None of the factors or the mutual impact of gender, field and group membership on source of control, advancement motivation and educational performance had a positive and meaningful relationship.
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