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Publish Date: 26 February 2008 - 08:09
Degree : Clinical Psychology
Supervisor : Bagher Sanaei Zaker

The present research has been conducted with the aim of investigating and comparing the conditions and performance of the shahed families where mother remarried and those where mothers chose to remain widow. The researcher has investigated the statuses of the shahed and non _ shahed families with regard to the variables of solving problems, relationship between individuals, roles, emotional intermixing, controlling behavior, emotional concordance and overall performance.
The research methodology is descriptive, causative _ comparative and post occurrence with having a glance over the past. Research community is composed of all the male and female students studying at the shahed high schools of Kermanshah in 1999 _ 2000 among whom the researcher has chosen 105 shahed students and 95 non _ shahed students at random for sample. The means of research is questionnaire of FAD.
In analyzing the data collected, in addition to making use of descriptive statistics, student T _ Test has been used. The results indicate that:
1.There is meaningful difference on small scales in roles, controlling behavior and emotional concordance between the grades of the shahed and non _ shahed students and there is no more difference in other small scales.
2.The performances of the shahed families where mothers after the deaths of fathers remarried have been better than those families where mothers remained widow on the small scale of roles. Therefore the remarriage of mothers has positive effects on the performance of the shahed families from the point of view of the roles.
3.The performances of the shahed families on the small scales of controlling behavior and concordance are better than those of the non _ shahed families.
4.There was no difference on the small scales between the shahed families where mothers are employed and those where mothers are not employed.
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