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Publish Date: 26 February 2008 - 08:06
Gholam Reza Shayeghi Dehbarez

The Reasons for Leaving Schooling among the Shahed Children of Roodan

Training Sciences
Degree : Training Sciences
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The present research is aimed at investigating the reasons of leaving schooling among the shahed students of Roodan from academic years of 1995 _ 1996 to 1999 _ 2000. Leaving Schooling means: leaving an educational period in which a student has enrolled before it ends. The means of the research is a self made questionnaire.
The research community is comprised of the shahed students who have left schooling during1995 _ 1996 to 1999 _ 2000, the rest have been investigated as case studies. The results of the research showed that the following factors have had the greatest impact on leaving schooling:
1. Lack of counselor 8. Stress and fear
2. Lack of interest 9. Change in management
3. Intellectual level 10. Economical factors
4. Mothers’ literacy level 11. Self _ Respect of the family
5. Being interested in sports and leisure 12. Change in the educational system
6. Teaching methodology 13. Cheating
7. Martyrdom of fathers 14. Environmental factors
15. Friends’ influences
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