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Publish Date: 26 February 2008 - 07:47
Degree : Psychology
Supervisor : Yad Allah Javadi

Educational Failure means weakness and inability of the students in understanding the materials discussed in the classes. The research is aimed at investigating the reasons for the educational failures of the shahed students. The research community includes all the male and female shahed students of Kerman in different stages, the number of which is 300 students. Among these students 120 persons of them have failed either one or more of their courses and these 120 students compose the research community. 92 students have been chosen as sample at random. The means of research here is questionnaire. The results indicate that:
1.The first effective element on the educational failure of the students is family factors; that is the families do not pay attention to the educational affair of the students. The families’ cooperation with schools and management of the schools is low.
2.The second most effective element in the educational failures of the students is carelessness of the students themselves to follow their schedules.
3.Social factors are not very effective on the educational failures of the students.
All in all, it can be inferred that the family conditions are the most effective and influential factor on the educational fall of the shahed students since in the students’ ideas families due to the problems they have, or due to emotional problems that they have to undergo, they couldn’t attend to their children’s educational issues and thus they were never able to cooperate with the schools’ management. The second mots effective elements in the educational failures of the shahed students are personal and social factors.
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