News ID: 95724
Publish Date: 26 February 2008 - 07:42
Degree : Clinical Psychology
Supervisor : Rahmat Allah Marzooghi

Losing father is a very important vacancy that might befall a family. One of its consequences is stress among the shahed children on the basis of which the present research is intended to survey the answers to the following questions:
1.Is there any relationship between losing one’s father and stress?
2.Is there any difference between the degree of stress among shahed and non _ shahed students?

The research community includes all the high school female students of Neka. This community is composed of two sub _ groups: shahed high school female students and non _ shahed high school female students.
The research methodology is descriptive and field study kind. Sampling was conducted at random and categorically as a result of which 60 students (30 shahed and 30 non _ shahed female students were chosen). They were tested by the Chattel’s stress test. The results show that there are difference between the degree of stress of the shahed students and non _ shahed students.
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