News ID: 95722
Publish Date: 26 February 2008 - 07:40
Degree : Clinical Psychology
Supervisor : Fazileh Zolfaghari

In this research the effectiveness of teaching methods of solving problems in treating depression, special features of depression, personal capability, self sufficiency in personal contact with one’s age group and self sufficiency expectation in personal contact with one’s age group have been investigated.
The research community of this research include young shahed students aged 11 _ 13 who are studying at the schools of Tehran and have received high grades in depression. The research sample includes 19 young female and male shahed students who have been divided in to two groups of control and experiment.
The means of research is children depression scale (CDS), child report form and others’ report form.
The results show that:
Teaching skills of solving problem that can be effective on the rehabilitation and decrease of the degree of depression, can also be effective on their self sufficiency and it also cause their self capability in their relationship with their age group and it also causes some positive changes in the in their self autonomy.
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