News ID: 95712
Publish Date: 26 February 2008 - 07:32
Degree : Psychology
Supervisor : Abu Al Ghasem Mehri Nejad

Social Growth especially in youth is the most important art and essence of the individuals. The criterion for social growth of any one is his or her compatibility with others. The main purpose of this research is to investigate the impact of the personal and educational environment conditions on the social growth of the female shahed and non _ shahed students.
The research methodology is post occurrence kind and the research community includes all the secondary school female students of Tehran who were busy studying in 2001 _ 2002. The research samples are composed of 45 shahed students and 45 non _ shahed students. The means of the research are the social growth and Inland criteria (which contain 117 questions and cover from birth to 25 years old and over).
In order to analyze the data collected, the research, in addition to making use of descriptive statistics (average and variance), has used the deductive statistics (T _ Test) for the independent groups with equal volumes.
The results indicate that the social growth of the shahed students is more than that of the non _ shahed students.
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