News ID: 95701
Publish Date: 26 February 2008 - 07:22
Degree : Psychology
Supervisor : Abu Al Ghasem Mehri Nejad

Self _ respect is a specific judgment about the worth of the self that imply the individuals’ views according to accepting or refusing capabilities, the importance of success and personal assessment. The present research is a study of the degree of self _ respect among the female shahed students and the non _ shahed students of Tehran. The research community includes the shahed and ususal students studying psychology and social sciences at the universities of Shahed and Azad during the second semester of 2002 _ 2003. From each group 50 students were chosen at random as sample. The means of the research is Cooper Smiths’ Questionnaire.
The results indicate that there is not meaningful difference between the self _ respect of the shahed students and the non _ shahed students.
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