News ID: 95689
Publish Date: 26 February 2008 - 07:10
Degree : Social Sciences
Supervisor : Mohammad Zahedi Asl

The present research aims at identifying the requests and interests of the youths in how they pass their free times and how well they are content with the present programs. The research methodology is descriptive and of statistical kind. The research community includes all the shahed high school students of Kermanshah who are studying according to the new discipline. In a systemic way at random 100 students were chosen as sample and the means of collecting data is questionnaire. The results of the research indicate:
1.The youths of Kermanshah are more interested in group sport (soccer).
2.% 41 of the students is busy with artistic activities among which the highest percentage refers to that of drawing.
3.% 81 of the youths devote their free time to coming over to (visiting) the relatives.
4.% 69 of the young students devote their free time to recreational activities the highest percentage of which is dedicated to walking in market and in the streets as well as going to the parks.
5.% 83 of the young students goes to the outside areas of the city during the year.
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