News ID: 95684
Publish Date: 26 February 2008 - 07:05
Degree : Counseling
Supervisor : Mohammad Mashaheri Fard

The is intended to assess the degree of contentment of the mothers of the shahed students with the educational and training performances of their children as well as to assess the degree of contentment of mothers with the performances of the staffs of the Shahed Schools and their facilities.
The research methodology is field finding and interview has been used as the means of research. The research community includes the mothers of shahed students in Tehran whose husbands lost their lives in the forced war and were martyred. The sample students were mainly drawn from three territories of Tehran.
The results that were achieved by the statistical method of X 2 Test indicate that the mothers are satisfied with inviting the experienced teachers, performance of the assistants of the managers, the relationship of the teachers with the students, responsiveness of the counselors to the queries of the students, holding of the cultural contests but they were not satisfied with the facilities of the schools.
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