News ID: 95679
Publish Date: 26 February 2008 - 06:59
Degree : Social Sciences
Supervisor : Mohammad Bagher Malik Nia

By educating family members, it is possible to save them from going astray. The present research is aimed at investigating the effects of family education on the social, ethical, and educational growth of the shahed children from the point of view of the shahed wives. The research methodology is statistical and field study. The research community includes all the shahed wives who took part in the informal classes held to educate the shahed families in sari and Ghaem Shahr in 1999 _ 2000. 72 persons of the people who have participated in these classes regularly have been chosen as sample. The means of research is questionnaire which includes 17 questions. The results of the research indicate that the classes which are held for educating families have been effective on the social growth of the shahed wives, religious growth of the shahed children, physical growth of the shahed children, strength of the families, preventing problems and educational progress of the students.
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