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Publish Date: 26 February 2008 - 06:51
Fatima Tan Zadeh and Mohtaram Yosefi

Generosities of Martyr Abdul Hossein Hemayati

This research aims at investigating the life, biography and memories of Martyr Abdul Hossein Hemayati. The means of the research was interview.
The subjects that are going to be discussed are as follow:
A sorrowful letter in the bereavement of a friend – Pure life – from earth to heaven – Talking about Hossein is not easy – Zamzam of light – Memories – about insight – our brother comrade at crisis - brother comrade at prayer – brother comrade of Tangestan – Martyr’ notes – martyr’ letters to his families.
This research is aimed at investigating the life and memories of Martyr Abdul Hossein Hemayati and the means of research was interview.
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