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Publish Date: 09 February 2008 - 15:35
The purpose of this paper is to research the attitude of Islam and western schools to women’s presence in social, political and defensive fields through comparing the women’s position in this two schools .at first it will consider women’s position in Quran and prophet’s sunnah as two main bases of Islam and in christendom and western philosophy as two main factors constituting western school and studies their judge about woman ‘s position in public fields. then it studies how and why western women present in public field .It conclude from discussed issues through comparing attitudes of Islam and western school to women‘s presence in public fields .The main Hypothesis of this research is:
Positive attitude of Islam to women presence in political, social and defensive fields is based upon this religion’s belief about women’s right, ability and capability .so this presence has been accepted and recognized since manifestation of Islam. but Christendom and philosophy, as main bases constituting western school ,don’t accept women’s capability ,rationality and right to present in these fields and women’s presence in public fields was passive response to special situations. and their dignity and human honour has been insulted in these presence.
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