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The Literary Works and Compilations of Imam Khomeini


Dozens of valuable books and literary works by Imam Khomeini on such subjects as ethics, gnosticism, jurisprudence, principles of religion, philosophy, as well as political and social matters remain, a number of which have not yet been published. Unfortunately, some of his valuable treatises and compilations were lost during removal from one rented accommodation to another and as a result of the attack of the Shah’s SAVAK agents on his house and library. Following is a list of his works and compilations in the order in which they were written. Each one of them really requires a detailed explanation, however, this is beyond the scope of this biography.

1.Sharh-e Do`a-ye Sahar

2.Sharh-e Hadith-e Rasol-Jalut

3.Hashiyeh-ye Imam bar Sharh-e Hadith-e Rasol-Jalut

4.Hashiyeh bar Sharh-e Fawa?edol Rezwayah

5. Sharh-e Hadith-e Jonud-e ?Aql wa Jahl

6. Mesbahol Hedaya ela Khalafa wal Welayat

7. Hashiyeh bar Sharh-e Fosusol-Hokm

8. Hashiyeh bar Mesbahol-Ens

9. Sharh-e Chehel Hadith

10. Serrol-Salah (Salahol-Arefin wal Mi?rajol-Salekin)

11. Adabol-Salah

12. Resalah-ye Laqa"ollah

13. Hashiyeh bar Afsar

14. Kashfol-Asrar

15. Anwarol-Hedaya fel-Ta"liqat"ol Kafiyah (two volumes)

16. Bada?iyol-Durar fi Qa?eda nafi-ol-Zarar

17. Resalatol-Istes-hab

18. Resalah fel-Ta?adol wal Tarajih

19. Resalatol-Ijtihad wal Taqlid

20. Manahejol-Wosul ela Elmol-Osul (two volumes)

21. Resalah fel-tlab wal Eradah

22. Resalah fel-Taqiyah

23. Resalah fi Qa?edah men Moluk

24. Resalah fi Ta"yeenol-Fajr fel-Leyali-ol Moqamerah

25. Kitab al-Taharah (four volumes)

26. Ta`liqatol `Urwatol-Wotqa"

27. Makasib-e Mohrema (two volumes)

28. Ta`liqatol-Wasilatol-Najdah

29. Resalah Najahol `Ibad

30. Hashiya bar Resala-ye Erth

31. Taqrirat-e Dars-e Osul-e Ayatollahol-`Uzma Burujerdi

32. Tahrirol-Wasilah (two volumes)

33. Ketabol-Bey` (five volumes)

34. Hokumat-e Islami (Velayat al-Faqih)

35. Ketabol-Khelal fi al-Salha

36. Jihad-e Akbar ya Mobarezeh ba Nafs

37. Taqrirat-e Dorus-e Imam Khomeini

38. Towzihol Masa-el (Practical Treatise)

39. Tafsir-e Sura-ye Hamd

40. Isteftayat

41. Divan-e She`r

42. Name-ha-ye `Irfani

43. Last Will and Testament

Up until the present time, 1126 speeches, 470 directives and ordinances, 367 letters to political and religious personalities outside the country, 420 letters to Iranian political and religious figures, and 350 messages exist in the archives of the Institute for the Compilation and Publication of the Works of Imam Khomeini, which will gradually be published in the anthology entitled ?Kowthar?.

The 22 volumes of the Sahifah-ye Noor series, together with the one-volume edition of Miftah Sahifah which is the reference book and index for the 22-volume series Sahifah-ye Noor constitute the most comprehensive collection of Imam’s speeches, messages, letters and directives to have been published so far.

That which is presented after this introduction is Imam Khomeini’s last will and testament which is of a religion-political nature and which according to the Islamic tradition and in keeping with the ways of the prophets and pious people, he wrote a few years before his demise, so that his passing, like his life, may inspire awakening, awareness and movement.

May peace be upon you and the mercy and blessings of God.



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