News ID: 90331
Publish Date: 03 February 2008 - 15:37
Degree : Counseling
Supervisor : Abu Al Fazl Karami

The basic queries of the present research are:
1.Is there any difference between the personality characteristics of the shahed and non shahed students?
2.Is there any difference between the kind of reaction to the outside factors and Psychotic disorders and having inclination toward seclusion?
The research methodology is field study and the research community is the shahed secondary school of Malayer; all the community members which are 70 persons in total are investigated. The means of the research was the Izenk’s personality test of the youths. In order to analyze the data collected T _ Test was used.
The result shows that:
1.There is not a meaningful difference between the shahed and non shahed students from the perspective of aggressive behavior and neurotic behavior of telling lies.
2.There is difference between the outgoing behavior of the shahed and non shahed students.
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