News ID: 90328
Publish Date: 03 February 2008 - 15:27
Degree : Psychology
Supervisor : Abbas Ali Allah Yari

One of the problems that is now considered as a reason to make growth slower is aggressiveness and shows itself as an incompatible behavior more the other behavioral disorders. The present research aims at investigating aggressiveness between the shahed and non shahed groups studying at high schools with regard to the structure of the family.
The research methodology is causative or post occurrence kind and the research community includes shahed and non shahed high schools students (from stage 1 _ 3). The volume f the samples are 211 persons: 60 persons each group (3 females and 30 male students from the first and second grade and each stage 20 persons including 10 males and 10 females). The means of collecting data is the questionnaire of aggressiveness. In order to analyze the data collected the statistical tests of comparing the averages (T _ Test) and correlation coefficient test for assessing the relations and averages were used.
The results indicate that there is not a meaningful difference between the shahed and non shahed students from the point of view of aggressiveness.
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