News ID: 90324
Publish Date: 03 February 2008 - 15:21
Degree : Official Management - Boushehr
Supervisor : Nasir Amini

The main question of the research is to see whether the educational periods for the families have been successful to present necessary information to the mothers or not; it also further asks if it has changed the behavior of the parents.
The research methodology is correlation and the research community includes the martyrs’ wives of Bushehr and Borazjan in who have participated in these periods in 2000 _ 2001. The research sample includes 100 people (equal to the statistical volume of the research community). The means for collecting the data in this study is questionnaire.
The results show that there is a meaningful relationship between educational periods for the families with the promotion of knowledge and training information of the shahed wives _ promotions in the schooling and religious guidance as well as ethical and psychological healthcare.
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