News ID: 90319
Publish Date: 03 February 2008 - 15:00
Degree : Psychology of Training
Supervisor : Farah Lotfi Kashani

The shahed wives who are suffering the deaths of their husbands experience special problems and their reaction to the deaths of the father of the family mostly determines the reaction of their children toward these deaths.
One of the effective factors that help them in playing their roles is to increase their knowledge and understanding to which most of them have achieved.
The main purpose of this research is to investigate the effects of pursuing studies by the shahed wives on their psychological conditions and gaining basic guidelines to decrease their own problems.
The research community includes shahed wives who are living in the Islamic Republic of Martyrs’ Foundation’s apartments in Tehran and chose to remain single after the deaths of their husbands. The research sample group includes 100 persons of the research community whom the researcher divided into two groups of 50 persons. The samples were chosen purposefully and not at random. The first group includes those shahed wives whose literacy level is below Diploma and the other group includes those martyrs’ wives whose literacy level is higher than Diploma and pursued their studies after the deaths of their husbands. The means of research is SCL _ 90 Test. The data collected were analyzed by the statistical student T _ Test. With regard to the hypotheses of this research and its finding we can achieve this conclusion that there is not a meaningful difference between the shahed wives with the literacy level of less than Diploma and the shahed wives with the literacy level higher than Diploma from the point of view of variables such as depression, stress, phobia, hypochondria, psychosis, sensitivity between individuals, scrupulosity, obligation and paranoid. It is meaningful only with regard to the variable of aggression. Therefore it can be said that pursuing studies by the shahed wives can be an effective factor in decreasing their aggression. In addition it can be said that pursuing studies have been effective on the psychological characteristics of the shahed wives and cause the shahed wives who pursued their studies be healthier psychologically and bring up healthier children.
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