News ID: 90315
Publish Date: 03 February 2008 - 14:11
Degree : State Management
Supervisor : Majid Kord Rostami

Human Society from its creation and Collective life both from life and security factors as well as from educational and cultural opportunity has been in search of better conditions for living and they continually migrated from place to place. Shahed Families were no exception for they also left their hometowns in search of finding educational, occupational and etc opportunities and accommodated in different areas where they have to face serious problems due to different climates and other different cultural differences.
The present research is intended to investigate the reasons of immigration among shahed wives and children. The research methodology is field study and the research community includes shahed wives and children all over the country who have showed interest to migrate to Tehran among whom 6 persons have been chosen at random. For the present research a self made questionnaire by the researcher was used. In order to analyze the data collected X 2 Test was used. The results show that:
1.Studying in Excellent schools and universities is one of the motivational reasons for migration of the shahed families to Tehran.
2.Getting qualitative jobs is another reason for migration.
3.Welfare, healthcare and educational facilities that are available in Tehran are effective factors in migration of the shahed families to Tehran.
4.Having more income has not been accounted as one of the important factors in migration of the shahed families and it is not confirmed rather it is regulation of the methods of paying pension to these families that is considered as the reason of migration.
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