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Publish Date: 03 February 2008 - 13:16
Degree : Counseling
Supervisor : Ali Delavar

Nowadays we are living in a world where human beings solve their problems by war and struggle; the effects of these factors on the behavior, activities and personality of the youths are something unavoidable. They have great impact on the students and those children who have lost their fathers in war are more under these influences. Lack of father is the main basis of the child’s problems in comparison to the other problems that may occur around him or her. One of these reasons is the way the mother deals with or conceives of the problem and the way she behaves with the problem.
Female children are more damageable. In this research the researcher is intended to solve investigate the emotional and physical problems of this group. The research methodology is statistical and the research community includes all the shahed female students of Qazvin (127 shahed students and 127 non _ shahed students). Since the group under investigation included all the shahed secondary school students, the researcher chose not to choose sample group and in order to make a balance to the shahed group, 36 students from the third grade and the same numbers from second grade were chosen. There are two questionnaires used in this research as means of collecting data: a questionnaire for the students and the other for the managers.
The results show that:
1.There is meaningful difference between shahed and non _ shahed students in emotional, excitement and personality fields such as feeling anxious about the future, anger, feeling fear of failure, feeling guilty due to lack of attention to the religious duties.
2.There is meaningful difference between shahed and non _ shahed students in social and familial issues such as being anxious about strict behavior of others, feeling worried due to illiteracy of mothers, lack of understanding of the students by the management of the schools and etc.
3.There is meaningful difference between shahed and non _ shahed students in physical and psychological issues such as felling weakness and illness, felling that one is unfamiliar with correct ways studying, feeling disorderly in one’s works and lack of interest in studying.
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