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The list of reminiscence for Martyr Sayed Asadollah Madani

 Imam Khomeini

Born in Azar Shahr, Tabriz

Immigration to Najaf Ashraf

The intellectual aspects for Ayatollah Madani

He was appointed as  Friday Imamate in Tabriz city and period of suffer

Beginning the fights of Ayatollah sayed Asadollah Madani

Imam Khomeini:

 The great sayed, the teacher of morals, Hojat Al Islam Martyr Haj sayed Asadollah Madani like his great ancestor was martyred by a cruel person.

 Born in Azad Shahr, Tabriz:

 In 1113 solar year in Mir Ali house a child was born that called him Asadollah. Basic of education of him was performed in Talebiyeh School, and for continuing education Qom was chosen the place for him. He was chosen when, Reza khan was disagreeing with spirituality. In this case, he did not stop his target, and against his friends wanted to prevent his actions, said I will value myself in this field. In Qom in places such as Kuhkamari and Khansari would continue his religious aspects. In the lesson of behavior and education and the treatment of Imam Khomeini for period of time for four years was educated.

 Immigration to Najaf-e- Ashraf : 

He got many benefits from Qom and then went to Najaf. In the individual characteristics and nature talents was a model for others. By order of Ayatollah Hakim continued many different lessons. And he got many religious and mental benefits and then became a great person. Against his friend he said these things are the indictors of mental and intellectual structures.

 Intellectual actions of Ayatollah Madani: 

He was a model for Islamic behavior and treatment. He would devote his time for young persons so much. Against the complain of others that they said why he was devoting his time for children and young people , he would say if I do not pay attention to them many problems and troubles will be provide for them in this field.

 His attention caused structural movements that created the revolution of 1978 by these young persons.

 His groom would say:

in 21 Ramadan in Najaf an assembly of people was created and he would admonish people. He said people if you repent for your sins, I have come here to repent for my actions and my religious actions. It was one of the main and nice characteristics of him. His popularity had root in official religious points that he had inherited from Hazrat Ali. At the time of his exile in the city of Gonbad, the head of Savak wanted to ask him a question and they asked him: from whom should we imitate? He strongly said from Imam Khomeini, his answer was the indication of his courage at that time.

 He was appointed as  Friday Imamate in Tabriz city and period of suffer :

After the martyrdom of Ayatollah Tabatabaei, Friday Imamate was given to Ayatollah Madani. His most difficult times of life were passed in the cruel persons of Tabriz. He tried so much and then amended these bad behaviors. The cruel persons threatened him for killing and even in the street they would call him with bad names and since he was a great person would say till I am alive I am the representative of Imam and I will perform the Friday Pray. From 34 committees were set in Tabriz, 30 committees were given for Muslims, so in this crisis situation he would defend of greatness and respects of Imam and revolution. Till under his tries the situation of city was become peaceful.

 The beginning of fights of Ayatollah sayed Asadollah Madani :

 Until the year 1963, he fought with the religious ways that were not true. Fighting with Bahayee ways in fact was one of the fighting programs of him. His groom said: Ayatollah Madani felt his homeland (Azar Shahr) was in economical danger of Bahayeeyat. By this speech mobilized the people to fight with them.

 Responsible person of city, Due to the threats of Ayatollah Madani, he would be sent to Hamedan. When he was getting scientific documents in Najaf, his friends said this person would sell his books and then his money would be given to Martyr Navab Safavi, who did not have any expenditure in this field.

 The actions for Islamic revolutions were started in 1963, at that difficult time Ayatollah Madani would cooperate with Imam Khomeini. Even when he was in Najaf, did a movement for supporting of this group of Spirituality. Always he would use the guidance of Imam Khomeini and the confidence of Imam was so much, and he would be invited in special and private meetings.

Due the disease this person had, he had to leave Najaf and go to Hamedan. In there he was encouraged by Ayatollah Ali Hamedani. During 22 months he was exiled in Noor Abad, and then to Gonbad for 11 months and then to Sangan Port and for 3 years was sent to Mahabad (Kurdistan). Martyr Madani always used to pray for God and requested martyrdom in the way of Islam and he would say I am doubtful about two matters of me one: am I real sayed the son of prophet? Am I capable to be martyr for God? Someday he went to Imam Hossein dome and dreamed Imam Hossein that would say my son you would be martyr.

 On September 11, 1981, after Friday pray, he was worshipping God, so a cruel who was the ancestor of Khavarej attacked and martyrized him.

 His body was taken among Tabriz people and then was buried in Hazrat Masoomeh dome.

 A section of Imam Khomeini speech about the first martyr of adytum:

When another ancestor of prophet became martyr and the elder son of Amir Al Momenin was caused by the crime of cruel persons and he became martyr like his great ancestor in the worshipping adytum and in front of Muslims, there is not any explanation in this field and God bless him.


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