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Memorial List of Sheikh Mohammad Khiabani


Biography of Sheikh Mohammad Khiabani

In Climate of Islamic Jurisprudence and Striving

A Blessed Marriage with Khameneyee Magnanimous Family

Establishing Azarbaijan State Association

A Memory of Meet


Khiabani's Presence in National Council Parliament

Blazes of Anger in front of Russia Ultimatum

A Journey to Holy Mashhad

A Disgraceful Scrap of Paper of 1919

Support of Jungle Reformation

Freedom Morning

Manner of Martyrdom

Biography of Sheikh Mohammad Khiabani:

He was born in Khameneh on 1950 solar year. Abdolhamid (his father) was happy because of his child's birth. They sent him to hedge-school. At first he learned alphabet and practiced. Then learned part 30 of Quran and in a short period of time could learn true reading of it and memorized little Suras. One year passed in this way. From his second year of education, interestingly started learning of reading, writing, nice handwritten and first steps in literature. He had just 13 years old when could finish primary lessons and literature and graduated from hedge-school. Young Mohammad within his father went from Khamene to Tabriz and he went to Talebieh School that was a religious school in this historical city. He went there for learning Arabic literature and religious educational

In Climate of Islamic Jurisprudence and Striving:

Mohammad could finish first step of Hoze lessons and between other students was famous because of his intelligence, talent, comprehension, faith, piety and withhold. He could teach plus of his learning. Some of great professors such as "Haji Mirza AbolHasan Ganji" and "Haji Mirza Hasan Mojtahed" liked him and because of that they called him:" Sheikh Mohammad".

Sheikh Mohammad could finish excellent level of principles of religion and Islamic jurisprudence by Mirza AbolHasan Angaji and was best student of these two fields. He could learn the way of Islamic jurisprudence very soon and reach to its border because of his deep thought, presence of mind, continuous competency and attempt and also his consecutive study.

 A Blessed Marriage with Khameneyee Magnanimous Family:

 Sheikh Mohammad was a young, sensitive and passionate religion theorist and accepted sayed Hossein Khamene's thoughts. This was a cause to him for having more relationship with sayed Hossein and his kindness to sayed Hossein and because of that Sheikh Mohammad could marry with "Kheir Al Nesa", daughter of sayed Hossein, a faithful, brave, believer and modest girl.

 After marriage, Sheikh Mohammad bought a house at "Khiaban" region of Tabriz and started a sweet life with his wife. Then, he was called "Sheikh Mohammad Khiabani" because of living in "Khiaban" region

 Establishing Azarbaijan State Association:

 This association established on Sha'ban's 18 of 1324 lunar year in Tabriz.  Devoted members, comrades and friends of this association that all of them were brilliant persons and constitutionalist freedom fighters were some people like: Sheikh Mohammad Khiabani, Mirza Esmaeil Nobari, Haj Esmaeil Amirkhizi, Mirza Djavad Nategh, Mirza Hossein Vaez, Sheikh Salim, Mo'tamemed Al Tojjar, Mirza Sadegh Khan Sadegh Al Molk,Seyyed Hasan Sharifzadeh, Sheikh Ali Asghar Lail Abadi, Seghat Al Eslam, Moein Al Ra`aya,Haj Mohammad Ja'far Motamen, Haj Naser Hazrat, sayed Al Mohagheghin…..

 Sheikh Mohammad Khiabani had an effective role in association and through 6 years activity of this association (from 1324 to 1330 lunar year) Mohammad was one of devoted and busy members, even sometimes was as chief of association and managed it.

 Azarbaijan State Association had a grate and important role in middle part of Constitution History. At first, from every neighborhood of Tabriz, spokesmen were chosen and they participated in meetings. The most important thing that this association could do was publishing of "Anjoman" newspaper (Association). At first it named "Rouz nameh Melli" (national newspaper), then it came "Jarideh Melli" and finally it called "Anjoman".    

 A Memory of Meet:

 It was on summer of 1993(solar year) that I was free of school in Tabriz that I could see historical and superb journey of Great Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khameneyee to Tabriz and even villages (from Tuesday to Friday). This journey was messenger of freshness and spring for faithful and believer people and their welcome to Great Leader was really perfect that in history of our country will be eternal event. However, Leader of Islamic Revolution at the beginning of his first words for thousands of eager and amorous people of Azarbaijan that gathered together at Tabriz Takhti Stadium (Bagh e Shomal); talked about historical memories of this great city and interim of glorifying of "Sattar Khan, Sardar Melli"(National Field-marshal) and "Bagher Khan, Salar Melli"(National Goodman); remembered "Sheikh Mohammad Khiabani" as a warrior man and a freehearted templar and about his ancestor, Ayatollah sayed Hossein Khameneyee, in Constitution Reformation told:"…. great religion theorist of that time, my grand father, that people went to his house and asked him about issues of Constitution and he answered them; and he encouraged them to reaching their purpose".


 Constitution Reformation (Mashrooteh) got the triumph with hard try and struggling of great religion theorists, freedom fighters and other leaders and devoted militants. Tabriz State Association had a major role at the period of Little Despotism. We can say that this association was responsible for all of political, economical and social problems and issues of Azarbaijan province. This period of time was one of best historical time for Tabriz because all of people's issues and problems and work were under control of undertake, self sacrifice and justice advocators men. People for the first time felt that they can live like a human and were glad because they could appoint their fate. Sheikh Mohammad Khiabani was as a leader to all of these activities of association. He had an effective role to activities and also within such great men as Sattar Khan and Bagher Khan.   

 Khiabani's Presence in National Council Parliament:

 When he was 30, being chose by Muslim and Free-hearted people of Tabriz because of his creditability. He came to Tehran with the other deputy of Tabriz, Mirza Ismaeil Nobari. He was a buddy and comrade for Sheikh Mohammad and liked Sheikh's thoughts and one of the members of State Association.

 After that Khiabani that was inheritable of blood of thousands martyrs of revolution, with making knowing and against despotism states, beside of such great and undertake deputies as Ayatollah Modarres and Mirza Hasan Nobari, defended of downtrodden Iranian people rights. He disagreed with every bill and law that was oriented to despotism, colonization and unjust attitude. In the other hand, he arose for keeping of religious and national merits as a deputy of parliament.     

 Blazes of Anger in front of Russia Ultimatum:

 "I, that am an Iranian person, astonished from the time that this note of Russia government read and we informed. Why? Because this ultimatum is not a legal subject or ordinary topics that we negotiate for it; if there were all people of earth, they would give admission that there are some topics that their answers had told on 300-400 years ago…"

 A lover is a person that at first from feet to head would sank in his blood, like a flower.

"…No one and any government, did not have this right that take independence and freedom of other people or countries unless back to tradition Barbarism..."

 "…This ultimatum would impaired to Iran's independence and undoubtedly it be approved just by agreement of Iran government! I hope that they reclaim this damned ultimatum and did not annoy people from themselves…"

 Finally, Naser Al Molk, Prime Minister and Vosough Al Doleh, break up the parliament and destroyed roots of Constitution and freedom of Iran.

 When they closed parliament, they were commanded to deportation, conflict and torture of all freedom fighters in all over the country.

 Great Leader of Islamic Revolution: "one of most important thing about our martyrs that make them different from other martyrs in other countries that devote themselves for their land is choice by knowledge not emotion".

 A Journey to Holy Mashhad:

 There was a time about two month that parliament was still closed. Khiabani was really cheerless and homesick because of watching those much of suffer, loneliness and sadness and also all of oppressions that they did to his comrades and people. He decided to go to Mashhad within his family for pilgrimage and visiting of his uncles "Haj Ali Agha" and "Haj Zeinolabedin" Khameneyee that were lived in Mashhad.

A Disgraceful Scrap of Paper of 1919:

 On Mordad of 1298 lunar year, elections of fourth parliament started. Tabriz people and its outskirts chose nine deputies of parliament. Six of them were democrats and Sheikh Mohammad Khiabani that had 9000 votes had heavy poll between others and had chosen as deputy of parliament by Tabriz people.

 Democrats Party with direction of Khiabani acted against "1919 contract" and "Tajaddodd" newspaper that was organized by them wrote:" this contract does not have any credit until parliament accept it and now it is just some disgraceful papers".

 Support of Jungle Reformation:

 Contemporaneous with Khiabani's activities, in North of Iran an aware man, free hearted templar, Mirza Kouchak Khan Jangali, stood against despotism and had a great purpose. Mirza Kouchak Khan and Sheikh Mohammad believed that the only way for improvement of government and political, social, economical and military conditions of country is just challenge and fighting against colonization of Russia and Great Britain. Their thoughts were derived by Islamic culture specially Shiite.

Sheikh Mohammad knew that in order to reaching his great purpose, freedom and improvement of country and removing predator hands of strange governments from Iran, should publicize arising and also relate roaring torrent of Tabriz to stormy torrent of Gilan and South until people arise against corruption and vassalage .

 In order to this goal, Sheikh Mohammad Khiabani sent "Haji Akhound", his spokesman, to jungle for talking about coalition between each other to Mirza Kouchak Khan.

 Haji Akhound did it but in the middle of back way died. Later they could not have any relationship with each other because Mirza and his comrades were busy.

 Freedom Morning:

 It was sunrise of Farvardin 18th of 1120, a memorable day for Tabriz, hero city; a superb day was waiting for Tabriz people. Tajaddod office was crowded by members of democrat group and freedom fighters. Bazaar got closed. High school students demonstrated and other groups of people gathered together at yard of the building and every thing had motion there.

 There was heard some slogan against Vosough Al Dowleh and his mercenaries in town and suburbs. Major Beverling and his soldiers were scared…!

 People staffs did not take their salary for several months and they were in a bad situation, at the same day, freedom fighters collected a lot of money and paid it to police staffs and because of that police and staffs joined to freedom fighters. People set political prisoners to free by commanding of Khiabani…all of governmental departments and centers conquered by freedom fighters. Khiabani warned to devoted staffs of Vosough Al Dowleh to leaving Tabriz. Beverling and his deputy left Tabriz at Wednesday night to Tehran within all of spies and agents that came from Tehran thus at the second day of arising every thing got by Khiabani and his devoted followers and Tabriz got cleaned from traitor felons and malefactors and one again freedom sun rose from Tabriz sky.

 According to our says, Khiabani conducted Tabriz victorious arising and because of free hearted people efforts, all of affairs fell to hand of revolutionaries and hand of traitor governors and insider traitors to country, abbreviated from Tabriz affairs. Little by little this arising had spread to other cities of Azarbaijan and people of other cities arose against their traitor governors; and all over the province cleared from agents that related to traitor government of Vosough Al Dowleh and got under control of Khiabani and his comrades. This was taking a time about six month and in this period of time was the best golden time of Azarbaijan.

 Manner of Martyrdom:

 It was second day afternoon of Khiabani's hiding in house of Sheikh Hasan Ali Mianji. Cossacks, that informed by a traitor person that saw Khiabani when he was going to Sheikh Hasan house; knew Khiabani's hiding place. "Esmaeil Cossack" within some other bloodthirsty Cossacks went to Sheikh Hasan Ali Mianji's house to get Khiabani for Vosough Al Dowleh; alive or dead. With this work Esmaeil Cossack could get prize and promote his rank in murder and plundering.

 Sheikh Mohammad Khiabani after impacting some bullets with a weak croon fell down and thus one of great men of Islam joined to group of martyrs. It got a cause till another free hearted man that preferred to die instead of living disgraceful; became a shiny paper to history of virtue Martyrs.

 Mokhber Al Saltaneh gave prize and promote grade of murderer but he did not allow anyone to go for funeral ceremony and mourning ceremonies for Khiabani.

 A year after martyrdom of Khiabani, Haj Mohammad Ali Badamchi and other friends and comrades of Khiabani went to his tomb and respected him with monody and made a building for remembrance on his grave but later traitors to country and destroyed building and instead of that made a high school till his memory remove from minds. But they were just crazy and could not understand that he is alive forever to the time that Ashoorah is alive, Iran and history are alive, too and to the time that just a heart is beating in all over the world for justice and freedom and Khiabani is like a great epical and his shiny thoughts is alive and shining to us.

 And now in place of his tomb is no high school and also it is not clear that where is his grave. But when you are walking through the Seghat Al Islam Street on Tabriz, and took a look at sayed Hamzeh Mausoleum and white long superb Maghbara Shoara Mausoleum; or are in mausoleum of great and contemporary poetic of Iran and want to requiem for him suddenly when look at Maghbara Shohada remembered Sheikh Mohammad Khiabani and his arise then words of dear poetic Malek Al Shoara Bahar came into your mind that:

 If blood of oppressed Khiabani boiled; all over the World will be wear red hot shrouds.


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